Friends of Cafe Bot
We are very happy to have developed relationships with other
FIRST teams.  This page is dedicated to sharing some
information these great groups of people and includes links to
their respective websites.
FTC teams 2866 and 2867
Pattonville High School's Green Army Robotics

We are very grateful to Green Army Robotics for helping us in
so many ways in our rookie year...from great advice from their
coaches to allowing us to visit one of their build sessions.  We
also had some practice scrimmages together! This is truly a
great group of people.  Click the logo above to visit their
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November 16, 2013
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Cafe Bot is very excited to have hosted FTC team
#5831, Team Expedio from Singapore, at the April,
2012 World Championships in downtown St. Louis!
We are very honored to have
had the privilege of hosting
this exceptional FTC team
from Singapore as they
competed at the World
Championships (April 25-28,
2012).  Pictured to the left
are their coach and the
Singapore 2011 FTC Project
showed them around St.
Louis during their stay in
America.  It's amazing how
FTC brings together people
from all over the world!
Cafe Bot is proud to say that this season, all of our team
members are also members of FRC (FIRST Robotics

The Lancers are extremely supportive of our FTC team,
allowing us to use their shop and materials.  Lancer mentors
also share their expertise and advice with our team members
to help us build better robots with each season.  Click
here to
visit their webpage!